Según su informe,

su inteligencia emocional es muy pobre.

"According to your self-report answers, your emotional intelligence is very poor. People who score like you do feel that they have trouble dealing with their own emotions and those of others. They struggle to overcome difficulties in their lives and they are unable to control their moods. It’s hard for them to understand how best to motivate themselves and reach their goals. In addition, they find social interactions quite difficult, for several reasons. They may have trouble allowing themselves to get close with others, finding it difficult to be vulnerable enough to establish intimacy. They also report having trouble offering support to others, likely due to the fact that they do not understand where others are coming from or they lack ideas about how best to help. Perhaps by working on your problem areas, you can become more confident in dealing with your own emotions and those of others."

ese es el informe completo.
el resultado mínimo es 55. el máximo, 155. el promedio es 100.
a mi me dió 57 :'(


mati tb. said...

me encantó tu blog.

Has someone taken your faith? said...

pff entonces la mia ni te cuento!

vio said...

no estoy der scurtfo

vio said...


horror show said...

yo una vez hice uno parecido a ese y me dio algo asi tambien :/

Ami said...

a mi me dio 104.

Camila said...

quiero hacer eso